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West Berbice rice farmers who have had their land leases revoked by the government have turned to the PPP for assistance to have their lands returned.

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President Granger has given his Government a Grade A for good performance from May 2015 to present. Is he serious?

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During the recent debate on our (PPP/C’s) much amended motion, GPL and Guyana’s Long Term Energy Strategy, the Honourable Minister of Public Infrastructure, in informing the House and the Nation about ending …

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The Progressive Youth Organization (PYO), youth arm of the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) of Region Nine, strongly condemns the arbitrary decision by the coalition government to impose on the region …

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AFC Councillor, father in custody for death of alleged Good Hope thief

Potaro man remanded on attempted murder charge

Guyanese busted at JFK with US$67,000 worth of cocaine in shoes

WPO condemns merciless killing of Corentyne mother


Dear Editor, I refer to a letter published in the Kaieteur News of February 21, 2017, authored by Kumar J. Persaud, under the caption “Mr. Jagdeo’s business cronies are bawling.”

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Dear Editor, Finance Minister Winston Jordan should be ashamed of himself and re-examine his bloodsucking budgets and its consequences on the citizenry and family life in general.

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