Mexico wall: Trump questions talks over border dispute

Portions of a barrier have already been built on the US-Mexico border

BBC — Donald Trump has suggested that Mexico’s president should cancel a planned visit to Washington if Mexico refuses to pay for the border wall.
It comes after Enrique Pena Nieto again rebuffed Mr Trump’s assertion that Mexico would end up funding the wall.
The Mexican president made no mention of changing their 31 January meeting.

President Trump has signed an executive order for an “impassable physical barrier” and insisted Mexico will reimburse the US.

He and British Prime Minister Theresa May are separately due to make a speech to US Republican party leaders at a retreat in Philadelphia on Thursday.

Mr Trump will say “the era of divided government is over”, the president’s adviser Kellyanne Conway told reporters.

Writing on Twitter, Mr Trump suggested Mexico owed the US for the impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta).