Footballer shot and killed for gold chain in Albouystown

A 39-year-old footballer was on Thursday morning gunned down in front of his home in Albouystown after he sought to alert residents in the neighbourhood that he was being robbed.
The dead man was identified as Paul Anthony Daniels from Albouystown, Georgetown. He reportedly lives with his fiancé of five years.

According to a resident in the area, Stamond Anthony Ross, he heard the gunshot while he was in his bed at around 06:00hrs today.

“I was in my bed lay down and I hear this gunshot and I fly outside. When I come outside I see my neighbour-my family friend, I see she fiancé lay down washed in blood,” the man recalled.

According to reports, two men ambushed Daniels who was inside of his yard and snatched his gold chain. However, Daniels reportedly ran out of the yard behind them and opted to alert residents but this resulted in the bandits turning around and firing several shots in his direction. One of the bullets hit the footballer who collapsed while the perpetrators fled the scene on a bicycle.

The fiancé of the dead man, who was identified only as “Chrissy” reportedly, rushed Daniels to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.