Jamaica to hold talks with USA on migratory issue

(Prensa Latina) – Jamaica”s Minister of Education, Youth and Information, Ruel Reid, announced on Thursday that the Government of Jamaica will maintain a direct dialogue with his US counterpart on migration issues.

Reid said authorities are aware of the concern among many Jamaicans and urged to remain calm in the face of recent executive orders signed by US President Donald Trump.

‘The government will provide timely information to citizens on the issue and will continue in direct contact with the State Department in Washington as well as with diaspora members,’ the minister expressed.

The minister said that so far the measures taken by the US administration have no direct impact on Jamaica, and therefore should not create a state of panic in the population.

Earlier this week, Jamaica’s Foreign Minister Kamina Johnson urged her compatriots to calm down to the recent executive orders of the United States government, which imposed a visa ban on seven Muslim-majority countries. Jamaican minister estimated that current migration issues are technically very complex and subject to much uncertainty, even in the American nation.

Opposition parliamentarians have asked authorities to clarify to what extent Trump’s orders will affect students seeking employment in the United States, Jamaica’s main trading partner.

Some 3 million Jamaicans live abroad, mainly in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and other Caribbean islands, according to the independent organization, Caribbean Immigrant Services.