PPP blasts Basil Williams for attacks on Deputy Solicitor General

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has blasted Attorney General, Basil Williams for his crude attacks on the Deputy Solicitor General, Prithima Kissoon, and that the attacks are a smokescreen to hide “his dereliction of duty and extravagant ineptitude.” This is part of a plan to remove Kissoon from the job.

In a statement last week, the PPP stated:
The PPP is appalled by the continuous onslaught of young, professional Guyanese who are using their education, skills and technical expertise in serving the State at every level and by extension, serving their fellow Guyanese. Over the last 20 months, we have witnessed a relentless, vindictive and malicious vendetta to hound these young people out of jobs. In the process, all manner of allegations have been contrived to justify this witch-hunting. These range from concocted political allegiance to the PPP, dishonesty, negligence and incompetence.

The callous publications of these unwarranted allegations, most times levelled without any basis whatsoever and without affording these persons these basic facility to be heard, have caused untold damage to these persons’ professional reputation and character.

The latest assault has emanated from the Attorney General, the officer who is constitutionally responsible for ensuring that the Government does not commit these excesses. His victim is the Deputy Solicitor General of Guyana, Ms. Prithima Kissoon. Using the state-owned Chronicle as his weapon, the Attorney General has launched a malicious and vilifying tirade against this young professional, blaming her for cases which the State lost in the Court of Appeal, recently.

We have seen Ms. Kissoon’s response which has been made public. It consists of her detailed attempts to get the Attorney General to discharge his professional duties in these cases. She supports her contentions by citing dated correspondence in writing emailed to the Attorney General, carbon copied to other persons; some sent by hard copies and some even sent by registered and expressed mail. We presume that she has copies of these documents which hopefully she will make public in due course. Despite these constant reminders, contends Ms. Kissoon, the Attorney General abysmally failed to discharge his duties. Yet when the court rules in accordance with law, the Attorney General throws a fit and blames Ms. Kissoon and the court rather than admit to his unparalleled incompetence.

We also note that rather than respond intelligently to the very detailed information provided by Ms. Kissoon of his dereliction of duty and extravagant ineptitude, he proceeds to embark upon another tirade further besmirching this young professional’s competence and reputation by attributing to her a political motive contending that she compromises cases for the PPP.

Ms. Kissoon is not a member of the PPP nor has any known connections to the PPP. She was hired under the PPP Government and so have thousands of other young professionals and indeed, Guyanese from all walks of life. We remain steadfastly proud of training thousands of young Guyanese in almost every field of endeavor including: medicine, engineering etc and creating jobs for thousands- something that this Government has abjectly failed to do.
We condemn this latest attack by the Attorney General on Ms. Kissoon. We know that the Attorney General’s incompetence is legendary. Yesterday he blamed the court for losing cases; today he blames Ms. Kissoon. The nation will soon witness that he will quickly run out of persons to blame and his manifest incapacities and inadequacies will be laid bare for the world to see.

Is Ms. Kissoon to be blamed for paying BK. International US $5.7M on a mere letter threatening litigation? Is Ms. Kissoon to be blamed for filing an appeal six months late against the judgement obtained by DIPCON against the State to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars? is Ms. Kissoon to be blamed for the billions of dollars in tax write offs for DDL causing Banks DIH to sue the State for $28B in tax refunds? Is Ms. Kissoon to be blamed for Guyana being forced to pay over US $6M to RUDISA because of the APNU-AFC’s rejection to the amendments to the Customs Act? Is Ms. Kissoon to be blamed for the Attorney General lying to the Chief Justice that the Government has possession of Red House? Is Ms. Kissoon to be blamed for the failed illegal attempts to compulsorily acquire private properties on Charmichael Street? Is Ms. Kissoon to be blamed for the Attorney General lying to the nation that he has permission from the Council of Legal Education to establish a law school in Guyana? Is Ms. Kissoon to be blamed for the Attorney General’s unwarranted attack on the Judiciary which even his own Prime Minister condemned? Or is Ms. Kissoon being singled out for her ethnicity, as so many others, were, who have been forced to leave the employ of that Ministry over the last 20 months?

Needless to say we stand in solidarity with the thousands of employees who are being harassed, witch-hunted, victimized and dismissed by this administration without just cause and unlawfully.