Beaton a true Comrade is no longer with us

Gerald Beaton, a genuine PPP member, died recently after a short period of illness.

Gerald Beaton was dedicated a working class representative. He worked as a Field Secretary with the most powerful trade union in Guyana – GAWU. He served in this position on the East Coast, Demerara and was a highly respected and always offered good representation for the workers.

Gerald was highly trained both in Guyana and overseas. He was a successful student at the Accabre College. He later went on to study trade unionism in the USSR.

As a Trade Unionist, he was elected to and functioned in the General Council of the GAWU.

He was such a loyal and dedicated member of the PPP that he was chosen by the party’s leadership to work directly with Dr. Cheddi Jagan, who he worked with for many years.

When the PPP/C won the Regional and National Elections in 1992, he was elevated and continued to work with President Jagan as a senior officer in the Presidential Guard.

This loyal son of the soil was privileged to work with four Executive Presidents in Guyana and retired after reaching pensionable age.

Gerald was extremely popular in the PPP. As a result he was elected to be a member of the Party’s Central Committee.

He was well respect and was held in high esteem with both the Party’s General Secretary and President.

Beaton, during his last working days, returned to his first place of employment and work with his good friend Brian Tiwarie.

Gerald Beaton was indeed a dedicated and loyal Party comrade. He was a recipient of several awards, including the Twenty- Five years Award at the Party’s Congress.

Beaton was a proud father of eight children. He was always quick to boast about his son who followed his footsteps as a President Guard. One is presently a National Karateka in the senior division who wore the National Colours and medal for his country.

Keith Beaton, his eldest child, is presently an Inspector in the Guyana Police Force. He has expressed his desire to be like his father and entertain his community with his dance and songs.

His family and many friends turned out in very large numbers to his funeral last week where former Presidents, former Ministers and prominent citizens, spoke glowingly about him.

Gerald leaves to mourn his wife, children mothers, children grand children and many others. His friends will always remember him as a jovial person and man of integrity.

Gerald leaves us with a legacy of what a true father and genuine party activists is.
(Neil Kumar)