President Granger is obviously far removed from the realities around him

By Norman Whittaker

President Granger has given his Government a Grade A for good performance from May 2015 to present.
Is he serious?
Wonder what yardstick he used to measure this ‘A Grade’ performance? The Cummingsburg Accord or the 2015 Elections Manifesto?

But these documents speak of a focus on crime, transforming the economy, providing equal opportunity to all irrespective of ethnicity, political affiliation; national unity, etc. and the APNU+AFC Government is nowhere close, after almost two years in Government, to fulfilling 20% of these commitments.

Perhaps he used the same measure the City Council used to deduce that Smart City Solutions was making the City Council a Grade A offer contained in the Parking Meter Contract. Or perhaps, some Utopian concept, measure or formula on what constitutes good and excellent performance?

Whatever it is, he is obviously far removed from the realities around him – crime, taxes, high prices, high unemployment especially among young people, corruption, incompetence, arrogance.

Mr President, the people are fed up with you and your Government, You built their hopes and expectations and you have not even satisfied 50% of your Government’s 100-day plan.

Tell us, Mr. President, about these noteworthy achievements, which the APNU+AFC Government, under your guidance, you determined are worthy of our praise, cheers, gratitude and a Grade A.

Those of us who have eyes to see will see.

The only people heaping praises on the Coalition Government are the Coalition leaders themselves, their comrades, cronies, beneficiaries of the good life and those confidently in waiting. But believe me fellow Guyanese, these could only be few in number.

Or perhaps, the progress to which Mr Granger refers must lie within the perimeter of the walls of the homes and the boundaries of the properties of the comrades, the partisans who have benefitted.  Surely a Grade A must be a reward for performance par excellence; not a reward for mediocrity or poor performance. It has to be earned. Those of us who have eyes to see will see.

The period May 2015 to present has been for 70% to 80% of the Guyanese populace one of disappointment and loss of confidence in the APNU+AFC government and its willingness or its ability to bring the good life to significant numbers of the Guyanese people. It’s certainly a period we would wish to quickly forget. The performance of the Government has been nothing to applaud about.

If you think otherwise, please identify the activities, events, projects other than extravagant spending on a few events which in your opinion have brought improved quality of lives for a significant number of the Guyanese people.
Tell us about the socio-economic improvements that have taken place from May 2015 to present.

Tell us about your efforts and the resultant success in bringing a better quality education and healthcare to our citizens from Regions 1 to 10.

What have you done to drive the economy at a time when it has been slowing down?

What has been your success rate in addressing the issue of increased crime and the resultant fear it drives in our people and the effects on business?

What about the sugar and rice sectors that have been a source of employment and livelihood directly and indirectly for thousands of families over several decades and the obvious lack of empathy on the part of the Government in addressing the concerns of the workers employed in these two sectors?

The livelihood of thousands of families has either been affected or will soon be affected.

Yours is definitely a no-economic policy Government obviously devoid of new initiatives on how to attract new investment, make money, create employment and take Guyana forward.

Your Government has resorted to pressurizing citizens to pay more taxes: yes, including the sick (VAT on private medical services), the pensioners, the small miner, the small vendors,to pay more taxes which the Government spends on areas that contribute little to the growth of our country’s economy. Even the donkey cart owner has to pay more and is not guaranteed a decent standard of living because the good life was never intended for him.
There has been rapid deterioration of the economy and all have begun to feel the squeeze/the impact.

It is evident that the reasons for the present dire state of affairs in Guyana are lack of projects, lack of policy initiatives, and lack of confidence from the investment community; so the financial burden falls on the ordinary citizens – increases in over 200 licence fees/taxes. If we added all these new taxes and tax increases, the APNU+AFC Government certainly deserves nothing short of an F grade and a serious rebuke from the Guyanese people.
Are Guyanese not justified in their determination that you have been putting your interests and those of your Government supporters and their families first and above the interests of the masses of the population?
How do you account for your Government’s several blunders and slip ups?

Shouldn’t your performance grade be a function of your performance/achievements and the extent, quality and spread of these achievements?

The APNU+AFC Government has undoubtedly been focusing on putting their own self interests and those who overtly support them first.

And this at the expense of country!

Their blunders have been many, widespread and embarrassing with a resultant loss in confidence of a large percent of our voting population, even Government supporters in such a short period of time.

For the reasons adumbrated above and many other blunders too many to mention in this brief resume; I could not but give the Government an F grade for what could only be described as its poor performance from May 2015 to present.

The Guyanese people deserve far more Mr President.

And so, like the late Martin Luther King Jnr reminded downtrodden Americans over five decades ago, I wish to reiterate to my Guyanese brothers and sisters:
“if you lose hope, somehow you lose the vitality that keeps life moving; you lose that courage to be; that quality that helps you go on in spite of it all.”

Three (3) years more to go for this one term Government my friends/comrades!
Let’s persevere.