Millions in taxpayers’ dollars being used to fund advisors, special and regional assistants for Nagamootoo

More than two months later, questions put to Prime Minster, Moses Nagamootoo, by the political Opposition during the review of Budget 2017 have finally been answered. And it has been disclosed that Guyanese taxpayers are funding almost a dozen special and administrative assistants for him.
Opposition Parliamentarian, Juan Edghill, asked Nagamootoo about the contract workers employed at the Office of the Prime Minister on December 13, 2016. The answers, which were passed through the National Assembly, were seen by Citizens’ Report.

According to the documents, the advisors include:
1. An Advisor – $551,200, plus $95,000 in allowances;
2. An Advisor on Safety, Security and Information Technology – $391,125, plus $80,000 in allowances;

Also employed are five special assistants:
1. A special Assistant, who is paid a salary of 224,361, plus $18,000 in allowances;
2. A special Assistant for Public and Diaspora Affairs and investigations, who is paid $336,000, plus $70,000 in allowances;
3. Special Assistant in Region 2 – with $205,640 paid as a monthly salary, plus $42,500 in allowances;
4. Special Assistant in Region 6 – with $205,640 paid as a monthly salary, plus $42,500 in allowances; and
5. Special Assistant in Region 10 – with $205,640 paid as a monthly salary, plus $42,500 in allowances.
The Prime Minister has two Administrative Assistants in Regions 2 and 6, who are paid $77,000 as a monthly salary and $20,000 in allowances.

Guyanese taxpayers are also paying for a Regional Representative in Region 3, who earns $205,640 as a monthly salary, plus $42,500 in allowances. Also being funded for is a Legal Assistant, who is paid $190,800 per month and $20,000 in allowances.

Another expense is for Nagamootoo’s press secretary and Director of Public Information, Imran Khan, who is paid a salary of $551,220. His benefits include a duty allowance of $10,000 and entertainment of $10,000.
These are in addition to cleaners, maids and gardeners at the Prime Minister’s residence.