WPO salutes all women on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2017

The Women’s Progressive Organization extends warm and fraternal greetings to the Women of Guyana on the occasion of International Women’s Day on the 8th March.

This event  which women globally  are observing for more than 100 years now became possible as a result of the struggle of the oppressed garment workers in New York in 1846; who dared to strike against their employers for better working conditions.

Even though they were persecuted, they never faltered and their struggles were taken up by Rosa Luxemburg and Clara Zeitkin two socialist women who lobbied the delegates of the 2nd International to honor the struggle of these working class women.

The combined actions of two sets of women in two different parts of the world the USA and Europe made it possible for International Women’s Day to become a universally recognized event.

As we observe this important event we wish to draw attention to the plight of the sugar workers and their families who are now faced with economic decline and social dislocation.   We call on the coalition government to go back to the drawing board to find a   workable solution in order the save the livelihood of thousands of people.

The people of Guyana are under constant pressure. The Coalition government promise of a Good life for all “is nothing but a BIG SCAM” Since they came into office it has been taxation and more taxation, they are delving into every facet of life to squeeze money out of the citizens of this country.

It seems as if they are bent on penalizing some sections of the population more than others while killing the proverbial goose that lay the golden egg.

We wish to use this occasion to remind the people of Guyana that the significance of IWD must be a constant reminder to us all; that nothing comes easy and once we are prepared to stand up and defend our rights we will be victorious.

Our best wishes to all the women of Guyana on the occasion of International Women’s Day.