President David Granger is sliding into perdition

Dear Editor,
I spent seven months in India and came back and changed allegiance and became a Christian, a divorcee and a new Christian that got married to a pastor of West Coast Berbice in 2002.
Over the years, I have read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation six times and I am still reading and have developed a personal relationship with this Living God – Yeshua Hamashiah – Jesus the Messiah.

In the book of Mathews, the first book of the Gospels, the Lord was speaking to his disciples in chapter 7:21-24 “ Not everyone that saith unto me Lord, shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, but he that doeth the Will of the Father which is in Heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord have we not prophesied in thy name, and in thy name cast out devils, and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then I will profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work INIQUITY.”

Here the Lord is speaking about so-called Christians or believers who know the name of Jesus and go to church and kneel down before the altars, but have no relationship with the Lord.

Campaigning before the 2015 general elections David Granger and the APNU/AFC put up big signboards “Vote for Righteousness,” saying they will uphold righteousness in government. Soon after these men got into government, the lies and the deception and the obfuscation became the impetus of their every initiative.

They callously turned their backs on the rice farmers. The December before the elections the Ministry of Finance declared rice to be the most productive sector. Later in the year of 2015, the APNU/AFC government declared rice “not government business.”

The president and his government declaring that a third of Guyana’s population is not governments’ business is cause for concern.

They have abandoned their obligation to the sugar industry.

But David Granger said in the election campaign that sugar was “too big to fail.”

Their approach and dealings with this important sector, another third of our population, is nothing but deception and obfuscation. The timber industry, the important sector for the hinterland communities, has declined 33% – a full year under APNU/AFC rule. Not to mention ‘bondgate’ and ‘redhousegate’ and ‘gecomgate’ and many other executive lawlessness.

Many persons on television and in the daily newspapers are saying that David Granger is “being badly advised.”
I do not subscribe to such a skewed circumvent. This president and his government are stuck in the bitterness of campaign mode. They cannot rise to the heights of governance with a vision and hope for Guyana.

President David Granger is spiritually bankrupt. The same principality and powers that ruled – the PNC twenty-eight year destruction of Guyana is the powers that is behind this APNU/AFC.

I am sure President David Granger is feeling purposeful and as Juan Edghill would say, ‘anointed.’ This government has rapidly degenerated into a force of darkness over Guyana and is now serving the “the rulers of the darkness of this world.”

In the 1970s, there was a US dispatch out of Georgetown describing David Granger as an “ anti-indian racist.” The way things unfolded in 2016, David Granger is still stuck in the 70s. This is a letter encouraging our president to snap back into reality for his own Salvation. Moses of the Bible is the only human being that ever interacted with this Living God “ face to face.”

To whom much is given much is expected. With discernment and its concomitant strength, much is possible.
If David Granger does not change his ways, he will end up joining Forbes Burnham for all eternity rather than “absent with the body present with the Lord.”
Daveanand Koblall